Happy Lion

Bank account details for transfer

“Happy Lion – for Veronika Izsó” Foundation

IBAN: HU84 1176 3189 1457 5886 0000 0000 SWIFT: OTPVHUHB

(if you wish to receive a confirmation of the donation, please contact my father, Izsó László on info@happylion.hu. Please state company name, address and VAT nr)

Or you can use Vera’s own private account:

Izsó Veronika és Apukaja (Veronika Izso and her Father)

IBAN HU70 11773195 00143941 00000000 SWIFT: OTPVHUHB

Important! : Please write: ADOMANY IZSO VERONIKA reszere-DONATION FOR VERONIKA IZSO- in the comment section of your transfer.

Any donation, even the smallest amount can help me to receive the needed surgery faster, and you can give me the possibility of an easier and more free walking. Thank you for your help in advance!