Happy Lion

St Louis story

Veronika’s SDR surgery was on  08 January 2013, in St. Louis, MO, USA  , her ortopedic surgery was on 24 January.







 2 weeks post SDR surgery



We are happy to announce, that the planned SDR surgery in the States for Veronika is not a plan any longer but a REALITY. Thanks for lots of people and the amazing collaboration, the necessary amount is reached, and the date of surgery has been appointed.

We will leave for the surgery on 4. January 2013.

The SDR surgery will take place on 8. January 2013. Then 5 days in hospital with starting daily theraphies. In about 2 weeks, following the SDR surgery, about 4 orthopedic surgery will be carried out on Vera’s legs.

Planned date of returning home: 11. February 2013.

Hereby we want to say THANKS FOR EVERYONE for the uncountable financial and mental help and love Vera and the family received during these past months.

We wish you to receive it back hundreds of time.

During our stay in St Louis, we will forward all info to our friend Noémi, so she can provide all info on the website, but you can also hear from us via our Facebook site.

The donation requests and programs for sure will not cease as this suregry is not the final destination, but the first step in a hunder miles journey. Contol check ups will be in the States 4 and 12 months after surgery, new – and we hope less- aid, new sport equipments etc.

But the main thing is now, that this certain journey brings it’s expected success.

The preparations are in progress, Vera asks a lot, and we try to explain her everything about the travel, stay, surgery, to prepare her for all expactable, in aim to reach her most help, to reach the hihgest results.

We again do THANK YOU to be with us!