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River tour

11 July, 2012  

Dear Sport friends! 

We are planning a special river tour, to which we are asking for your advice and help. We would be greatful for your active participation. Our intention is to row down the river Duna from Mosonmagyaróvárról to Budapest, the capital. We expect to complete the tour within 6 (-7) days. The planned daily rowing is abt 5 hrs. Planned starting date is: 11 July 2012 

Planned time-table:

day 1. :  11. July – Wednesday:  Hainburg – Dunakiliti – Distance: 40 km

09.00 leaving Hainburgbstop 1. : Dévény – Castle tour about  4 km, entrance fee: 3 eur

stop 2.: Pozsony – 2 hrs sight-seeing

stop 3. : Dunacsúny – docking

stop 4. : Dunakiliti – docking or shifting through land

Accomodation: Vadvíz camping in tents or wooden houses

day 2. : 12. July – Thursday  Dunakiliti – Komárom – distance: 80 km

09.00 óra leaving Dunakiliti

stop 1.: Bős about 20 km – refreshing drinks

stop 2.: Gyönyü Sörgödör (possiblility for buying lunch)

stop 3. : Komárom – Monostor Fort 

Accomodation: camping outside or Hotel Panorama in Komárno, close to the shore, 700 meter


Reservation:  info@komarnohotel.sk

day 3. :  13 July  -Friday  Komárom – Esztergom – Distance: 50 km

07.30 Komárom walking in the city, around 1,5 hrs, then leaving the city

stop 1. : Neszmély hajós skanzen

stop 2. : Dunamocs -possibiltiy for lunch at: Halászcsárda 

Accomodation: to arrange individually – Esztergom vízisport telep

day 4. :  14 July  - Saturday  Esztergom – Szentendre – Distance: 40 km

09.00 Leaving Esztergomstop 1. : Visegrád – Salamon tower, renaissance games, sight-seeing, lunch 

Accomodation:  camping or tourist accomodation –  to arrange individually – Pap-szigeti kemping

day 5.:  15 July - Sunday   Szentendre – Budapest (Hárosi öböl)- Distance: 40 km

09.00 leaving  Szentendre

stop 1. : Római part

stop 2. stop at Budapest, taking off the water at  Budafok, Hárosi Öböl (according to the plan) 

The goal of the tour – beside to be an occasion for friends to be together – is to draw attention to the circumtances and chances of disabled children, to help them to receive more support.

On this first tour Veronika’s Dad will be the captian of the Flagship. We hope that the tour will also help  to collect the donations needed to reach the main goal,  the SDR operation.

We are awaiting for everyone who wants to join the tour, and anyone who can support us with advice, sport equipment, sponsors, or media connections.  

Every single help is a drop of energy, which helps me to row through the sea of difficulties to reach an easier and happier life.